A Long Way From Douala by Max Lobe

A Long Way From Douala by Max Lobe


Important issues of violence, terrorism, homosexuality and migration feature in A Long Way From Douala, the first publication in English of a work by Max Lobe, an important new voice in African writing.


On the trail of Roger, a brother who has gone north in search of football fame in Europe, Jean, the narrator, takes with him the older Simon, a neighborhood friend. The bus trip north nearly ends in disaster when, at a pit stop, Simon goes wandering in search of grilled caterpillars. At the police station in Yaoundé, the local cop tells them that a feckless boza who wants to go to Europe is not worth police effort and their mother should go and pleasure the police chief if she wants help! Through a series of joyful sparky vignettes, Cameroon life is revealed in all its ups and downs. Questions of life and death are raised but the tone remains light and edgy.



"His eye is as compassionate as his characterisations are rich. I only wish this novel had been twice the length. You are in for a treat" 

Patrick Gale


"To a makossa beat, bars in dodgy neighbourhoods, local public transport and street slang, Max Lobe immerses us in the Cameroon of today... All this churns up the daily life of the novel’s characters whose lives are narrated with humour and satire."AMNESTY


MAX LOBE was was born in Douala, Cameroon. At eighteen he moved to Switzerland, where he earned a BA in communication and journalism and a master’s in public policy and administration.   In 2017, his novel Confidences won the Ahmadou Kourouma Prize.  A Long Way From Douala, his latest novel, was published in 2018 to rave reviews in Switzerland and France. Other books by the author include 39 rue de Berne, Confidences and La Trinite bantoue. 



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    Imprint HopeRoad Publishing

    Publication Date: 25/2/21

    ISBN: 9781913109011

    Pages: 208

    Type: Paperback

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