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A Short History of Queer Women by Kirsty Loehr

A Short History of Queer Women by Kirsty Loehr


We really enjoyed this little history and laughed out loud on lots of occasions.  Learnt lots as well.


No, they weren’t ‘just friends’!


Female same-sex desire has been written out of history since, well, forever. ‘But historians famously care about women!’, said no one. From Anne Bonny and Mary Read who sailed the seas together disguised as pirates, to US football captain Megan Rapinoe declaring ‘You can’t win a championship without gays on your team’, via countless literary salons and tuxedos, A Short History of Queer Women sets the record straight on women who have loved other women through the ages.


Who says lesbians can’t be funny?




Kirsty Loehr is a writer and English teacher. She loves women, football, history and comedy - but not necessarily in that order.  She lives in Brighton with her partner and their son.



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      Imprint: Oneworld Publications

      Publication Date 6/10/22

      ISBN: 9780861542840

      Pages: 208

      Type: Paperback

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