All The Things She Said by Daisy Jones

All The Things She Said by Daisy Jones


A personal, modern guide to the queer culture of women.

All the Things She Said explores the nature of queerness and queer culture from the dingy basement clubs of east London to the realms of TikTok and award-winning films like Carol, showing the multifaceted nature of ‘being a lesbian’ in all its glory. 

Here journalist Daisy Jones unpicks outdated stereotypes and shows how, over the past few years, lesbian culture has emerged into the mainstream. Daisy explores this new understanding of queerness through personal experiences, speaking with many others and by looking at music, TV and film, dating and mental health and how they all serve to create and reveal a new language and culture. 

The book will delve into the never-ending process of coming out, and what it’s like to date as a queer woman, to the disproportionate impact of mental health issues on the LGBTQ+ community and the decline in spaces for the lesbian queer community. The book also looks at the ever-changing and nuanced ///////////////////////// of female and non-binary queerness and gender identity.


Daisy Jones is a journalist and editor, writing about LGBTQ culture, UK nightlife, music, and popular culture. She worked as the Music Editor at Dazed & Confused before becoming the Managing Editor of Noisey at VICE. She has become a trusted queer voice in the mainstream media, having had her work appear in The Guardian, VICE, i-D, Dazed and Refinery29, and more DIY publications like Polyester zine and HUCK. She’s spoken on various panels about LGBTQ issues, music and journalism. Daisy lives in Dalston.