Between Worlds - a Queer Boy from the Valleys by Jeffrey Weeks

Between Worlds - a Queer Boy from the Valleys by Jeffrey Weeks


Jeffrey Weeks was born in the Rhondda in 1945, of mining stock. As he grew-up he increasingly felt an outsider in the intensely community minded valleys, a feeling intensified as he became aware of his gayness. Escape came through education. He left for London, to university, and to realise his sexuality. From the early 1970s he was actively involved in the new gay liberation movement and became its pioneering historian. This was the beginning of a long career as a researcher and writer on sexuality, with widespread national and international recognition. He has been described as the ‘most significant British intellectual working on sexuality to emerge from the radical sexual movements of the 1970s’.



"A revelation, Jeffrey Weeks delivers a compelling portrait of the two communities which shaped him working-class Rhondda and queer London and of his personal journey out of the closet and into a life of liberation. Humorous, passionate, insightful and written with literary flair" -  Daryl Leeworthy, author of A Little Gay History of Wales


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    Imprint: Parthian

    Publication Date: March 2021

    ISBN: 9781912681884

    Type: Hardback

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