Continental Divide by Alex Myers

Continental Divide by Alex Myers


Go west, young man. Isn't that the advice every east coast boy has considered at least once in his life?


At nineteen, almost twenty, Ron Bancroft thinks those words sound pretty good. Newly out as transgender, Ron finds himself adrift: kicked out by his family, jilted by his girlfriend, and unable to afford to return to college in the fall. So he heads out to Wyoming for a new start, a chance to prove that - even though he was raised as a girl, even though everyone in Boston thinks of him as transgender - he can live as a man. A real man.


Thus begins Ron's true adventure, a search not for the right place in America, but the right place within himself to find truth, happiness, and a sense of belonging.




"A delicate, breathtaking portrait of trans coming-of-age." - Meredith Talusen, author of Fairest: A Memoir


"A picaresque trans-Western for the 21st century." - Dr Jennifer Natalya Fink, author of Bhopal Dance


"It's an important book for people of any age and any gender." - Lisa Selin Davis, author of Tomboy, Lost Stars, and Belly.


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    Imprint: University of New Orleans Press

    Publication Date: 30 September 2019

    ISBN: 9781608011698

    Type: Paperback

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