Days of Hope: 70's Gay San Francisco by Crawford Barton

Days of Hope: 70's Gay San Francisco by Crawford Barton


Crawford Barton's photographs depicting the turbulent late 60's and 70's San Franciscan scene have been well documented. 


Days of Hope presents a private and public record of the gay lifestyle which grew both out of the gay liberation movement and the counter culture of hippy flower power, peace and love, with its free moving communality represented above asll by Crawford's partner and lover, the late Larry Lara. 


Catch a glimpse through Crawford Barton's lens of liberated 70's San Francisco before the AIDS devastation of which both he and his lover fell victim. Very good condition. 


'Whether through pictures or words, Crawford Barton leaves us a portrait of a seminal time, burnished with the fine polish of his sensitivity - an instinct of wonder never relinquished. To risk all, these photographs tell us, and there's no better risk than to love courageously and well.' - Mark Thompson 

  • Details

    Imprint: Editions Aubrey Walter / Gay Men's Press

    Publication Date: 1994

    ISBN: 0854491740

    Pages: 70

    Format: Paperback

    Type: Second hand

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