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Eyes Guts Throat Bones by Moira Fowley

Eyes Guts Throat Bones by Moira Fowley


What will the end of the world look like? Will it be an old man slowly turned to gold, flowers raining from the sky, or a hole cut through the wire fencing that keeps the monsters out? Is it someone you love wearing your face, or a good old fashioned inter-dimensional summoning? Does it sound like a howl outside the window, or does it look like coming home? This startling and irresistibly witty collection of stories from the phenomenally talented Moira Fowley is an exploration of all our darkest impulses and deepest fears.



'One of my favourite storytellers.  These tales lingered, morphed, consumed me.' Kiran Millwood Hargrave


'Fowley's writing is joyous and poetic . . . Contemporary gothic short stories at their best, Eyes Guts Throat Bones is written so beautifully that even the most squeamish reader would be sucked in by it.' - Mslexia


'Eyes Guts Throat Bones by Moïra Fowley is exactly the kind of embodied writing I've wanted to read for a long time.' - Ali Millar


'If fantasy is your thing, you'll like this book. If 'queer fiction' is also your thing, then you'll definitely like this book. Merging fantasy and queer fiction is the very stuffing of this work, where ancient mythical queens roam ancient hills, keeping watch over their respective territories, lovers eat each other (not figuratively speaking but literally - like oysters), there are monsters hiding in unlikely places and flowers fall from the sky.' - 

Meath Chronicle


'Fowley's themes of sex, desire and destruction are presented, often skillfully, using a wide variety of genre fiction tropes, and with an adult clarity and viscerality.' - The Guardian


'Fowley flips the script on what we are used to seeing in apocalyptic fiction and media: a man and a woman navigating their relationship at the end of the world. Instead, we see how queer love is everywhere, pervading even through the most dire of circumstances.' - Ghouls Magazine


'Lest ye ever be in doubt about the power of language, take a spin through Eyes Guts Throat Bones, Moira Fowley's visceral collection of short stories "about (queer, female) bodies at the end of the world.' - Buzz Magazine


Moira Fowleyis the author of three critically aclaimed Young Adult novels. Eyes Guts Throat Bones is her first book for adults.  She lives in Dublin with her girlfriend and children.



  • Details

    Imprint: Weidefeld & Nicolson

    Publication Date: 13/4/23

    ISBN: 9781399600514

    Pages: 304

    Type: Hardback

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