Footnotes to Sex by Mia Farlane

Footnotes to Sex by Mia Farlane


Love in the 21st century is a many-splintered thing.

May and Jansen are in love. That must be why they bicker and fight over, well, just about everything. The spark in their relationship, or at least the sex, has been misplaced. May, too busy not writing a PhD, decides to take life lessons from fabulously French Francine. Jansen, meanwhile, is hooking up with an old flame, wondering why what might have been is more attractive than what you've got. Into this cauldron of confused hormones comes May's highly irresponsible younger sister, ready to stir things up.

Leading mixed-up twenty-first century lives, May and Jansen need to believe in themselves before they can believe in each other. Footnotes to Sex is a brilliantly funny lesbian novel which shows what a nightmare all women can be.


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  • Details

    Imprint: Penguin

    Publication Date: 4 February 2010

    ISBN: 9780141039916

    Pages: 256

    Format: Paperback

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