Frost by Richard Amory

Frost by Richard Amory


An uncommon, secondhand paperback in very good condition, by the important transatlantic publisher of underground fiction and erotica, Olympia Press. From the back cover: "A GAY THRILLER! Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. an ancient story. But in the peculiar California culture that spawned both the Sexual Freedom League and the ultra right wing Minute Men, the ancient tale takes a new twist: 


Frost isn't interested in marrying his mother, and his father is out to kill him! At the crossroads, beautiful Billy lies dead by his motorbike; at home the father plots more than just a simple murder; and in the Northern California hills Frost finds true love in the arms of another man. Revenge is the sweetest tie between McGraw and his son, and the warmest licks are the flames that curl above the main street of a small California town. FROST: A whole new departure by the author of LOON SONG trilogy."

  • Details

    Imprint: Olympia Press

    Publication Date:  1971

    ISBN: 70041181x

    Pages: 207

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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