Here Comes the Miracle by Anna Beecher

Here Comes the Miracle by Anna Beecher


It begins with a miracle: a baby born too small and too early, but defiantly alive. This is Joe.  Then two years later, Emily arrives.  From the beginning the sibling's lives are entwined.


Snake back through time.  In a patch of nettle-infested wilderness, find Edward, seventeen years old and falling in love with his best friend Jack.   In comes somebody else, Eleanor, with whom Edward starts a family.  They find themselves grandparents to Joe and Emily.


When Joe is diagnosed with cancer, the family are left waiting for a miracle.



'An exceptional novel - subtle, accomplished, and powerful. It deals unflinchingly with death but also brings life, lived and unlived, tenderly and clearly into focus. I thought it was very moving.' -- Anjali Joseph, author of SARASWATI PARK


'Anna Beecher has produced an evocation of loss and mourning that is nevertheless suffused with a sense of wonder - about the world and its objects, about different kinds of love, about the way our lives form round absences. In this quietly devastating novel, she attends, with tenderness and precision, to the details of both life and death. Here Comes the Miracle is a work of depth, sorrow, and great beauty.'-- Molly McCloskey, author of WHEN LIGHT IS LIKE WATER


'A lyrically-written tale of loss, fear and the miracle of love, which finds great significance in small things and quiet moments. Painful and beautiful.' -- Julie Cohen, author of TOGETHER


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    Imprint: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

    Publication Date: 28/4/22

    ISBN: 9781474610643

    Pages: 232


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