Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For, by Alison Bechdel

Hot, Throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For, by Alison Bechdel


A secondhand book in very good condition. From the back cover: Hot, throbbing Dykes to Watch Out For is Alison Bechdel's seventh sensuous cartoon collection, her libidinous commentary on the tsunami of lesbian erotica surging through the culture.


While Mo--our lesbian-feminist everywoman--looks on askance, sexy babe Lois and postmodern femme-top Sydney spearhead the thrust into sex toys and higher sales at Madwimmin Books.


In these days of girls writing erotica about boys, and boys writing erotica about girls (so what's new?), Alison Bechdel exposes her familiar cast of characters carnal mores. Are Clarice and Toni doing it anymore now that they have a child? What is squeaky clean Sparrow like under all that save-the-world goodness? Will Lois tire of her quickie there's-always-another-girl-to-bed encounters? And what about Mo?


In a lusty episode written as a climax for the book, c artoon dominatrix Alison asks the penetrating question: Where is Mo on the butch-femme scale? It remains to be seen whether the answer will pass your 'wet test,' but it will certainly make you laugh. 


What more could you desire?

  • Details

    Imprint: Firebrand Books

    Publication Date: 1997

    ISBN: 1563410869

    Pages: 142

    Format: Paperback

    Type: Second hand

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