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Kingfisher Weather by Paul Binding

Kingfisher Weather by Paul Binding


The Gay Men's Press (GMP) title from 1989. All copies are new, but show the age of their publication.


Driven away from home by hostile parents, Rob Peters is in search of a meaningful start in life. Taking a chance, he boards the Egon Ludendorff bound for peaceful waters, but only then do his troubles begin. Here is both an adventure story, and a chilling portrayal of the youthful imagination. Paul Binding traces the development of Rob's character at sea, his friendship with frenzied evangelist Bill Bentley, and his deep attachment to the past, symbolized by the visionary kingfisher and his schoolteacher Laurie. 


As a tale of adolescent awakening, Kingfisher Weather paints a distrubingly accurate portrayal of a boy easily led by his mentors. It exactly captures the disillusionment and confusion that haunt the novice in search of affection, turning as he does from spiritual friendship to violent love. 


Paul Binging, author of Lorca: The Gay Imagination and Harmonica's Bridegroom has written a complex and brutally honest work that should linger in the mind for years to come.

  • Details

    Imprint: The Gay Men's Press (GMP)

    Publication date: 1989

    ISBN: 9780854491230

    Pages: 254

    Format: Paperback

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