Manhood and Morality, by Suzette Heald

Manhood and Morality, by Suzette Heald


Manhood and Morality: Sex, violence and ritual in Giso society.


An impressive and meticulously crafted African ethnography, which has theoretical and practical relevance for understanding masculinity and violence in general'- David Parkin, Professor of Anthropology, Cambridge University Manhood and Morality explores issues of male identity among the Gisu of Uganda and the moral dilemma faced by men who define themselves by their capacity for violence. Drawing extensively on twenty years of fieldwork and on psychological theory the book covers: circumcision; Oedipal feelings; witchcraft; deviance; joking; sexuality and ethnicity.
This ethnographic study challenges our preconceptions of manhood, especially African virility, inviting a wider re-evaluation of masculinity.

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    Imprint: Routledge

    Publication Date: 4 February 1999

    ISBN: 9780415185776


    Format: Hardback, secondhand

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