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Michael Huhn Photos

Michael Huhn Photos


First edition (1992) of a scarce book in very good condition. From the back cover:

"the male nude--Manhattan street style

created by Michael Huhn

his vision is fresh, young and gay

he vaours glamour realism where

texture is rough-cut & sub-text is surfaced

where lean and muscled body-boys

surface from the street and fles and pose

from downtown roofscapes

immersed in the soaring city skyline


I can create my own reality because the camera arrest the moment and mood. As a photographer, I'm a voyeur and an artist. I often take the human form out of its natural environment and place it in surroundings where it is not normally found. With each, I set the human spirit free. Michael Huhn, New York 1991."

  • Details

    Imprint: éditions Aubrey Walter

    Publication Date:  1992

    ISBN: 0854491732

    Pages: 64

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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