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Nighthawk by Artemis OakGrove

Nighthawk by Artemis OakGrove


Nighthawk by Artemis OakGrove  


Rosebud First Edition 1998


One of lesbian eroticas legendary novels returns! Artemis OakGrove, forebear of much of todays butch/femme fiction, follows the Nighthawk through various adventures almost all of which end in a lusty embrace. Butcher than butch, Hawk leaves her lovers indelibly marked and begging for more even while she herself moves on in search of tomorrows conquest. Street-smart and unsentimental, OakGroves Nighthawk is a figure of unforgettable power and sensuality.


It was exciting and dangerous to keep something from 'Hawk that she wanted. Sophia wanted 'Hawk to act just a bit mean toward her -- agressive and domineering. They'd already 'made love' now Sophia wanted to play. She didn't want to play safe either; she wanted to take risks with this unpredictable warlord. She glanced over her shoulder and was thrilled by the darkening look on 'Hawk's face. That 'Hawk was warlord was an unchallenged fact of life. She had been since Shadow was five years old. He and the others had grown up with 'Hawk as their neighborhood's warlord. Her gender didn't seem to matter. Certainly many a schoolyard brawl had begun because of taunts from rival children about the warlord's womanhood. But all anyone had to do was look into her eyes to know there wasn't a man any tougher than the Nighthawk.


Condition: Good (with some slight chalky discolouration to front and back covers)


  • Details

    Publisher: Rosebud

    Year: 1998

    ISBN: 1563336340

    Page Count: 288

    Binding: Paperback

    Condition: Good 

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