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Puppies by John Valentine

Puppies by John Valentine


The Gay Men's Press (GMP) title from 1979, published in 1997. All copies are new, but show the age of their publication.


Fall 1970 saw John Valentine writing for a fragile underground paper in downtown Hollywood. A decaying building housed its seedy premises, and short of anywhere else to live, he made his home in the rear office. "Peeling wallpaper. Broken windows. Unlockable locks. Bad plumbing. Most slumlike quarters I've ever had. In the absence of any kind of curtaining, I had newspaper taped over the windows. The building was the streetkids' social and community center. Anyone looking for a crashpad looked first there...It was sexual paradise." 



"A gorgeously witty account of the author's single-minded pursuit of young men." - The Advocate


"Puppies is fun reading." - Allen Ginsberg


"My turn next." - Peter Orlovsky

  • Details

    Imprint: The Gay Men's Press

    Publication date: 1997

    ISBN: 9780854492589

    Pages: 173

    Format: Paperback

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