Sadao Hasegawa: Paintings and Drawings, introduced by Frits Staal

Sadao Hasegawa: Paintings and Drawings, introduced by Frits Staal


First edition in dust jacket of very rare catalogue issued by éditions Aubrey Walter and Gay Men's Press. Light age wear to jacket, and small tear to upper corner. From the back cover: "Sadao Hasegawa is a leading gay artist from Japan. His work, as represented here in this astounding collection, is a direct route into contemporary Japanese consciousness. an awareness absorbing world-wide cultural influences and expressing a new hybrid visuality.


He has been called Japan's 'Tom of Finland' because of his celebratory stance towards male homosexu, much symbolic emphasis on male-male eroticism and Japan-style sado-masochism. But the similarity ends there. His work is a riot of bright optimistic colour and his symbolisms go deep into the myth and legend of the non-Western world.


Sadao Hasegawa's imagination is overwhelmingly diverse but his technique is modern and masterful--focussed and fused with form, colour and content.


'When I was a child, I was alone with kūsō (daydreams and wild imagination). Always I went to the fields and the woods. I liked talking to animals and plants. In my imagination, I changed into birds and insects and flowers...These childhodo experiences are the basis for my pictures." -- Sadao Hasegawa (In Touch for Men)


'Sadeo Hasegawa is still young. I am always curious to see what he will do next. Already an established gay artist, creator of his own universe, can his imagination become any wilder? Whatever he does, that fantastic imagination has lifted his art to a mythic level of homo-eroticism that transcends particular cultures and has become universal.' -- Frits Staal (PRofession of Asian Studies, University of California at Berkeley).

  • Details

    Imprint: Éditions Aubrey Walter / Gay Men's Press

    Publication Date: 1990

    ISBN: 0854491422

    Pages: 77

    Format: Hardback

    Type: Second hand 

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