Sedating Elaine by Dawn Winter

Sedating Elaine by Dawn Winter


Meet Elaine.


OK, actually, meet Frances. Elaine is a bit sleepy right now.


You see, Elaine’s sleepy, because Frances has sedated her. It’s a long story.


An exuberant black comedy about love, grief, sex, guilt, and one woman’s harebrained scheme to tranquilize her voraciously amorous girlfriend for a few days so that she might pay off her drug dealer, make soup, and finally get some peace and quiet.

Frances was not looking for a relationship when she met Elaine in a bar. She was, in fact, looking to drown her sorrows in a pint or twelve and nurse a broken heart, shattered by the gorgeous, electric Adrienne. But somehow (it involved a steady stream of beer and weed, as things often did with Frances) Elaine ended up in Frances’s bed and never left.

Now, faced with mounting pressure from her drug dealer, Dom (and his goon, Betty), Frances comes up with a terrible idea: For the rent money, she asks Elaine to move in with her for real. Unfortunately, this seemingly romantic overture makes Elaine even more sex-crazed and maniacal with love. Frances fears she may never escape the relationship, so, given no choice, she makes the obvious decision: She will sedate Elaine.

A story as enthusiastically madcap and funny as it is smart and emotionally surprising, Sedating Elaine introduces a roster of unforgettable characters and an indelible, wildly exciting new voice in fiction.





‘The story of a savage anti-heroine that feels part Hitchcock fantasy, part Patrick Bateman. Brutal, funny, and genuinely shocking in places, Sedating Elaine is my favourite kind of debut novel: in that you can tell it was written by someone with an acid drive to write something they have never read anywhere before.’ - Caroline O’Donoghue author of Promising Young Woman


‘Although it's a bonkers premise, Sedating Elaine is an emotionally charged story that's beautifully told – I was very impressed by the writing: lovely and thoughtful but also deliciously catty, as well as engrossing, compelling, and darkly funny with well-drawn characters whose complexities come as naturally as breathing in and out . . . an enjoyable riot of a novel.’ - Justin Myers author of The Last Romeo


‘Brash and engaging.’ - Kirkus


Sedating Elaine is a delightfully unhinged romp through romantic debacle, jaw-dropping decisions, and an emotional quagmire of guilt and longing… Utterly bonkers and as darkly comic as it gets, Sedating Elaine is a brilliant, bingeable read.’ - Rachel Yoder author of Nightbitch


Sedating Elaine is a brilliantly quirky, surreally funny story … I laughed, cringed and held on to the edge of my seat as Frances’ hare-brained scheme hurtled along like a runaway train heading for a precipice. A thoroughly entertaining read!’ - Sarah Haywood author of The Cactus


  • Details

    Imprint: Fleet

    Publication Date: 5 May 2022

    ISBN: 9780349727240

    Pages: 272

    Type: Hardback

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