Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel by Drew Gummerson

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel by Drew Gummerson


You could've been someone, you could've been a contender, yet instead you ended up here, a dishwasher at the Flamingo Hotel. From the death of your mother, to homelessness, to insanity, and back again, to an encounter with an American serial killer, a love affair with a performance artist, to the loss of your foreskin, to living in a shed, and certain bum operations, you have only ever wanted one thing...

To find someone worse off than yourself.

And now's your chance.

You've got seven the Flamingo Hotel.



"I thoroughly recommend this first novel from a new indie pres. It's marvellously funny, breathtakingly rude and with a very high bum count" David Collard  via twitter


"Like Bukowski meets On The Buses meets Iain Banks" Jamie via Good Reads.

  • Details

    Imprint: Bearded Badger

    Publication Date: Nov 2020

    ISBN: 9781838199500

    Pages: 221

    Type: Paperback




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