Special Friendships by Roger Peyrefitte

Special Friendships by Roger Peyrefitte


An uncommon, secondhand Panther paperback in  good condition: age wear to covers, corners of front cover creased, creases in spine--the book has been read more than once. From the back cover: "Special FRiendships. Georges de Sarre, a future marquis, is the central character of this story. He forms a special friendship with a beautiful boy, Alexis, who is three years younger than himself--Alexis, pure and iealistic, for whom the world of sensuality is as yet a closed book. In the forcing house atmosphere of the boarding school they are drawn into the perpetual conflict--the conflict of boy against boy, of master against pupil, of the faith against the passions."

  • Details

    Imprint: Panther

    Publication Date:  1964 (first paperback edition; first UK edition 1958)

    ISBN: n/a

    Pages: 256

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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