The Boy Who Sat By the Window : The Story of the Queen of Soho by David Hodge

The Boy Who Sat By the Window : The Story of the Queen of Soho by David Hodge


My story is one of laughter and hedonism, dressing up and showing off. I played Queen in a parallel universe of glamour, rhinestones and couture outfits. It’s also one of alienation and loneliness and of always being the odd one out. I lived through AIDS, Princess Diana and Thatcher but came out singing and dancing my way through Soho and the West End. I survived a murder attempt and bankruptcy. I am still here. Now I paint my feelings and not my face and once again feel as if my journey is beginning. This is my truth. Grubby at times but mine to tell. Here it is. Uncensored. - David Hodge


From a skinny, ginger-haired kid from Walsall who was bullied at school, to the ‘Queen of Soho’, who would rule London’s drag scene in its most dazzling era. This gripping true story follows an unassuming boy, separated from other children and made to sit by the window, on to a remarkable career, with celeb buddies including Kylie Minogue, The Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper and, of course, Boy George.


But behind the glitter, there was a far darker reality. David worked simultaneously at London Lighthouse, the pioneering centre for the care of people living with HIV and AIDS. Here, the young David grew up fast and opened his eyes to the true impact of this terrifying pandemic. The contrast was stark between the life of David Hodge during the day and the life of Miss Dusty O after dark.

After two decades in clubland, as drink and drugs started to take their toll and he feared he was developing his father’s alcoholic patterns, David changed his life yet again…


David Hodge is now an acclaimed artist. He has had five international exhibitions of his unique brand of pop-art, including one in the Houses of Parliament. Happily married to Marc, these days David leads a quieter if no less creative life. ‘The Queen of Soho’ is dead. The boy who sat by the window lives on.


Published 8th September 2022. Contains a Forword by Boy George.




“Enjoy this story. I already jumped to the parts about me.” - Boy George


The extraordinary life story of David Hodge – the ‘Very Miss Dusty O’.

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    Imprint: Mardle Books

    Publication Date: 8 September 2022

    ISBN: 9781914451744

    Pages: 304 / 8-page colour plate section

    Type: Hardback

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