The Homosexual Society, by Richard Hauser

The Homosexual Society, by Richard Hauser


A first edition, secondhand book in very good condition, only a light tear to bottom of dust jacket at spine. An interesting time capsule about queer life --and its preception--in the first half of the 20th century in Britain, the origins of clinical homophobia, many of which are still alive in attitudes towards members of the LGBTQIA+ community today.


From the inside flap: "In 1958 Richard Hauser was asked by the Home OFfice to undertake a survey of homosexuality in Great Britain. In this book, which is based on the resulting report, he presents his findings and recommendations. the mass of case material, gathered over many months of meetings and discussions with homosexuals, is of compelling interest, and shows clearly that the problem is far more complex than is generally realised; and the author's suggestions towards a solution merit the most serious consideration.


Mr Hauser draws a sharp distinction between those homosexuals who are born with a physical abnormality, and those -- the vast majority -- who are 'bi-sexual' and have been driven into abnormality by their environment. He believes that society can do much for this latter group, once the problem is properly understood and freed from the prejudices which still surround it. He examines the psychological and social factors which lead to the practice of homosexuality, and the stresses which make for fixation. He emphasises the special dangers of the enclosed all-male society, in prisons, in ships, and above all in approved schools.


He makes concrete proposals for preventive measures in the present breeding-places of homosexuality, and for the better handling of the problem when it occurs (including the setting up of clinics where private advice can be obtained); and ends with some disturbing observations which suggest that the poor quality of normal relationships between men and women in our society is responsible for much avoidable homosexuality."

  • Details

    Imprint: The Bodley Head

    Publication Date: 1962, First Edition

    ISBN: n/a

    Pages: 167

    Format: Hardback

    Type: Second hand

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