The Occasional Man by James Barr

The Occasional Man by James Barr


A rare Swan Edition paperback, 1966 first printing. In good condition for its age: binding tight, but creases to spine and light age wear to edges of covers. From the  back cover: "WHEN DESIRE OVERWHELMED HIM THERE WAS ALWAYS THE OCCASIONAL MAN. No longer young and beautiful, David, at 40, was still handsome. Flat broke and depressed over the break-up of hsi affair with the man he had adored for fifteen years, David wandered lost and lonely in the back streets of the twilight world of sex. Suddenly three men came into David's life--each offering a different variety of relationship for David to grasp at: a cruel, super-virile young man with whom David was physically obsessed; a warm and friendly [Black man] who offered more companionship than excitement, and a godlight, demanding older man who was a master of every kind of erotic adventure. James Barr skillfull penetrates this strange world of forbidden love in a memorable novel of twisted passions--a superb successor to his widely-acclaimed novel Quatrefoil."

  • Details

    Imprint: Swan Publishing Co. Ltd.

    Publication Date:  1966

    ISBN: n/a

    Pages: 313

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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