Tomboys and Bachelor Girls by Rebecca Jennings

Tomboys and Bachelor Girls by Rebecca Jennings


Tomboys and bachelor girls - A lesbian history of post–war Britain 1945–71


Using a rich array of oral histories and archival sources, Tomboys and bachelor girls provides the first detailed academic study of lesbian identity and culture in post-war Britain. Described by psychiatrists as immature and neurotic, and widely ignored as taboo by mainstream society, lesbians nevertheless recognised and accepted their same-sex desire and sought out women like themselves. 

Challenging the conventional picture of the post-war decades as years of austerity and conservative femininity, this book traces the emergence of a vibrant lesbian social scene in Britain, centred on the metropolitan nightclubs of post-war London, but also developing across the country, through lesbian magazines and social organisations. 

This fascinating book brings to life the rich history of post-war lesbian culture for the scholarly and general reader alike.

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    Imprint: Manchester University Press

    Publication Date: August 2013


    Pages: 224

    Type: Paperback

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