Towards Democracy by Edward Carpenter

Towards Democracy by Edward Carpenter

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At the turn of the 20th century Edward Carpeter was a prophetic figure in the twin movements of socialism and sexual freedom.  His writings championed women's liberation and animal rights, and he openly celebrated homogenic love.  In the poetic manifesto Towards Democracy, Carpenter expressed the essence of his beliefs and character.  He held that his other books were " only supports and steps of access" to this one, and Havelock Ellis described the book as "a kind of Bible" for Carpenter's folowers.  Long unavailable, this complete edition contains all four Parts of Towards Democracy, together with a short essay on the work by  its author.

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    Imprint GMP Gay Modern Classics

    Publication Date: 1985

    ISBN: 9780907040743

    Pages: 415

    Type: Hardback

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