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Cavalcade of Boys Vols 1-3

Cavalcade of Boys Vols 1-3


The first three volumes collecting together Tim Fish's "Gay Romance Comic book Series". From the back cover of the first volume: "Cavalcade of boys promises from the first introduction of the characters to be a light ,sarcastic, fun read, a literal game being played with all the gliches gay men use to label themselves and one another. It is all that, but don't be fooled; Tim Fish is mixing one of those stealth cocktails, all froth and sweetness making the power of the three shots of finest. With each story or vignette the characters grow more complicated, and Fish's warmth honesty and commitment to them pays off: the more particular and unique these individuals become, the more touchingly universal they feel. Read it and fall in love." --Jen Van Meter, Hopeless Savages

  • Details

    Imprint: Poison Press

    Publication Date:  2005, each a first edition.

    ISBN: 097627860X

    Pages: 192 + 175 + 176

    Format: Secondhand Paperbacks

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