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Frequently Asked Questions

(We understand, there's a lot to question.)

Are you currently hiring or accepting resumes?

No, we aren't currently hiring or accepting resumes. Staff turnover has always been very low; we love what we do.

Can you order a book for me?

Yes! We have a small selection of the thousands of books we stock on our new online shop. If you don't find the book you are looking for, send us an email using the Contact Form above with the book(s) you would like to order in the subject line and it is very possible we will be able to order that for you (as long as it's still in print!).


If you are looking for a non-LGBT-related book, we can also order that for you (lots of people do!), but in those instances, we will ask for payment in advance as we won't be able to re-sell the book, if you change your mind. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship order worldwide using Royal Mail. Currently, we are able to ship to all countries in the UK and Europe through our online shop. If you would like to place an international order outside of those regions, use the contact form above to place your order and we will reply with an estimate of the shipping cost. You can also read our Shipping & Returns for more details about regions, parcel weight, costs, and more. 

Do you accept/buy secondhand books?

We do accept secondhand books as a donation, but we do not buy secondhand books. If you would like to donate a small amount of books (say a book, or a shopping bag full), just bring them by the bookshop during opening hours at your earliest convenience. If you have a box or more of books to donate, please call ahead on 0207 278 7654 to make arrangements. Donating books helps support the bookshop (like paying our electricity bill!) and also helps provide affordably priced books for our community. 

Do you sell/accept National Book Tokens or have Gay's The Word gift vouchers?

Yes on all accounts! We sell and accept National Book Tokens and we have Gay's The Word gift vouchers. (They're pretty great, if you ask us.) Gift vouchers and book tokens can be made out to any denomination and then posted out to you or the intended recipient.

Do you stock Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg?

Before Leslie Feinberg's death in 2014, zie/she decided to make Stone Butch Blues free for all through hir website. This means that you can download a free PDF copy of the book from hir website or purchase an at-cost print-on-demand copy of Stone Butch Blues. With hir final wishes in mind, we do not stock copies of the book in the shop.

I've published a book! Will you stock it?

Maybe! In order to decide, we will need to know details about the book's LGBT-related content (it needs to be majority!) and as much publishing information as possible (ISBN, publisher, distribution, price, image of book cover, blurb from the back cover, and information about retailer discount). If the book is self-published or small press and doesn't have a distributor, please clarify how distribution (including any costs) and returns will work as well as what the terms (consignment, etc.) are. If you send us a review copy of your book, please put all this information in with the book when you send it, plus a stamped self-addressed envelope if you would like us to return it to you. Similarly, if you email us about a book we kindly request that you put all relevant, requested information in one email. For clear, salient advice about how to best approach a bookshop on these matters please see this helpful guide from the Booksellers Association. Please be aware that we are a very small bookshop and are restricted by space. During certain peak times of the retailing year - such as the weeks leading up to Christmas - we, (fingers-crossed) tend to be full-on busy, so we'd encourage you to avoid approaching us then. Stock decisions are at the discretion of our booksellers.

Can I volunteer or schedule a work placement at Gay's The Word?

With limited staff to supervise volunteers, we are not able to make arrangements for shifts or work placements.

I'm getting in touch about an event. What's the best way to do that?

Please send us an email using the Contact Form above with information regarding the book-related event you are enquiring about, the preferred dates and times, and contact information of the lead organiser. Please be aware that during certain peak times of the retailing year - such as the weeks leading up to Christmas - we tend to be full-on busy, so we'd encourage you to avoid approaching us then.

Can I hire the bookshop space for an event/filming/photo shoot?

Maybe! Depending on the requirements of the shoot, the bookshop, and the urgency of the request that could be possible. Please use the Contact Form above to make that enquiry or call the bookshop +44 207 278 7654 to discuss.