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We stock a wide range of fiction from literary classics to the latest young adult novels. In the bookshop, we categorise our fiction by sexuality and gender so that people can more easily find the stories that reflect their lives and experiences. Online, you can use the 'Identity' filter to help find what you are looking when browsing for books.

Books on the Desk


Queer Theory. Gay and Lesbian Studies. Feminism. Politics. Popular Sociology. Education. Our academic section has and continues to be a resource for students, teachers, researchers, and librarians alike. While we have not listed our range in the online shop, we can order any in-print academic book that you might need. Just send us an email. 

Colorful Books

Coming Out

Coming out (at any age) can be an anxious and fraught 

as well as an exciting time! We've picked a few books that speak to the (ongoing) process of coming out that we hope might be helpful, illuminating, or reassuring. To speak plainly, you are not alone. We also have some online resources on our Community Page for you.



As a bookshop that takes its name from a Ivor Novello musical, we would be remiss not to include plays on our bookshelves, even if it is a small section. If you don't find the play that you are looking for in our online shop--and you know that it is still in print--do email us via our contact form to place an order.

Colorful Book Spines


We aim to curate our poetry collection to be as extensive and diverse as possible across time, sexuality, gender, race, and background. From Sappho and Cavafy to Audre Lorde and Edwin Morgan to Mary Jean Chan and Jericho Brown, we stock a wide range of voices, with a particular focus on UK-based LGBTQ poets. 

Laptop and Diary Topview


Reading about the lives (and loves) of LGBT people from the past and present is one of the joys of our biography section. We stock an array of memoir, biography, and autobiography that look at the great and the good, the rogues and the renegades, and the lesser known from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. There are so many who've walked this path.

Book Stack


Whether you're just starting your journey to becoming (a) parent(s) or are well into the sleepwalking wonder of parenthood, there are books about LGBTQ parents and families that you may find useful. For now, we've set up a booklist on for new queer parents, to read or to give that reflect rainbow families.

Design Books

Large Format

Queer culture has rich visual and art histories and there are so many collections aim to reflect that richness. 

In the bookshop, we have a continually evolving selection of large format art and photography books along with other illustrated books all audiences. Check out our online selection or drop us an email.

Used Books


Our history section includes popular and academic works alongside oral history projects. Some of our most popular titles include Now You See Me by Jane Traies, Not Guilty by Sue Elliot, Gay Berlin by Robert Beachy, Queer City by Peter Ackroyd, and Sapphistries by Leila Rupp, with many more titles in stock and available to order.

Vintage Comic Books

Graphic Novels

One of our most vibrant sections in the bookshop, we stock comics--like Lumberjanes and Dykes to Watch Out For--graphic novels--like On a Sunbeam, Bloom, and The Prince and the Dressmaker--and graphic memoirs--like Fun Home, The Times I Knew I Was Gay, and Sensible Footwear. Email us to order any that aren't listed online.

Children's Storybooks

Children's Books

Our children's section champions individuality and uniqueness as well as seeks to reflect our families,

with shop favourites like Spacegirl PukesJulian is a MermaidThe Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures, & Under the Love Umbrella.

Email us for specific recommendations.


Rare & Used

The best way to browse our second hand books is to visit the bookshop where we have shelves dedicated to fiction, nonfiction, erotica, DVDs, and art books. However, very occasionally, we find a rare gem that we think deserves a wider viewership; in these cases, we'll list it under Rare Books on our online shop.   

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