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Fragile Animals by Genevieve Jagger

Fragile Animals by Genevieve Jagger


When an ex-Catholic woman develops a sexual relationship with a vampire, she is forced to confront the memories that haunt her religious past. 


Struggling to deal with the familial trauma of her Catholic upbringing, hotel cleaner, Noelle, travels to the Isle of Bute. There, she meets a man who claims to be a vampire, and a relationship blooms between them based solely on confession. But as talk turns sacrilegious, and the weather outside grows colder, Noelle struggles to come to terms with her blasphemous sexuality. She becomes hounded by memories of her past: her mother’s affair with the local priest, and the part she played in ending it.



"Gorgeous and gothic." - i-D

"Visceral, vivacious and - though certainly not conventionally - vampiric" - The Skinny

"Quiet and introspective." - Polygon

“A slick literary vampire novel to sink your teeth into. Hot!” - Alice Slater

  • Details

    Imprint: 404 Ink 
    ISBN: 9781912489961 
    Pages: 224 
    Format: Paperback

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