The Complete Short Stories by Saki

The Complete Short Stories by Saki


Saki is perhaps the most graceful spokesman for England's 'Golden Afternoon' - the slow and peaceful years before the First World War. Although, like so many of his generation, he died tragically young, in action on the Western Front, his reputation as a writer continued to grow long after his death. The stories are humorous, satiric, supernatural, and macabre, highly individual, full of eccentric wit and unconventional situations. With his great gift as a social satirist of his contemporaryupper-class Edwardian world, Saki is one of the few undisputed English masters of the short story.

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    Imprint: Penguin Classics

    Publication Date: 3/11/2000

    Imprint: 9780141184494

    Pages: 576

    Type: Paperback