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The Leather Boys by Gillian Freeman

The Leather Boys by Gillian Freeman


An uncommon first edition, second printing paperback (November 1969) of Feeman's bestseller in very good condition. From the back cover: "They're Britain's 'Wild Ones'--the motorcycle cowboys who live for fast machines and faster girls.  Who ton-up along the Motorways, terrorising drivers and defying the law. Who experiencce sex too young, marry unthinkingly and live only for the next kick--whatever or wherever it is. THE LEATHER BOYS is a savage, brilliantly told novel of these aimless young men and women. It is also the story of Dick and Reggie and the strange, twisted loved that Developed between them."


"Gillian Freeman is among the finest contemporary novelists!"

Brigid Brophy, The New Statesman


  • Details

    Imprint: New English Library

    Publication Date:  November 1969

    ISBN: n/a

    Pages: 125

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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