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Third Sex by Matt Bradley

Third Sex by Matt Bradley


Published by G. Gold & Songs, London. A secondhand pulp paperback, light craesing to spine and old price written in biro on cover, otherwise in very good condition. From the back cover: "Author Matt Bradley pulls no punches in this startling, penetrating, factual survey of the shadowy half-world of homosexuals --both men and women -- as he takes you on an intimate guided tour of...QUEER STREET U.S.A.! What are they? Who are they? Where are they? Where is our society headed? What is happening to our moral code? Will homosexuality be legalized? CANDID LIGHT ON A SOCIAL PROBLEM PEOPLE ONLY DARE TALK ABOUT IN WHISPERS!" A lurid pulp that sheds some insight into the homosexual underground, but with a cruel bias overall, especially towards trans and gender non-conforming people.

  • Details

    Imprint: G. Gold & Sons, London (but the text is "An Intimate Edition," based in the USA.

    Publication Date:  c. 1962

    ISBN: n/a

    Pages: 159

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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