Wingmen by Ensan Case

Wingmen by Ensan Case


A rare 1st edition paperback in very good condition. From the back cover: "HEROES IN HELLCATS. Jack Hardigan's Hellcat fighter squadron blew the Japanese Zekes out of the blazing Pacific skies. But a more subtle kind of hell was brewing in his feelings for rookie pilot Fred Trusteau. As another wingman watches--and waits for the beautiful woman who loves Jack--Hardigan and Trusteau cut a fiery swath through the skies from Wake Island to Tarawa to Truk, there to keep a fateful rendezvous with love and death in the blood-clouded waters of the Pacific. LIKE WAR, LOVE--ALL KINDS OF LOVE--IS FOR MEN WHO CAN TAKE IT. IF THEY DARE."

  • Details

    Imprint: Avon

    Publication Date:  1979

    ISBN: 0380476479

    Pages: 408

    Format: Secondhand Paperback

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