Byron and Greek Love: Homophobia in 19th Century England by Louis Crompton

Byron and Greek Love: Homophobia in 19th Century England by Louis Crompton

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How important to Byron was the love of men - a love he found celebrated in classical literature? And how did his contemporaries regard such relations? Making use of previously unpublished letters from the poet and his circle, Louis Crompton traces Byron's many homoerotic involvements, from his idealistic schoolboy enthusiasms to the unhappy love affair he was embroiled in at the end of his life. Professor Crompton argues that Byron's homosexuality was a motive for his first journey to Greece and his later ostracism and exile from England, and an important source for the mood of proud alienation that colours his serious poetry.  Byron and Greek Love is at once a fascinating biography and an incisvie social commentary;  it's far-reaching implications for the social and cultural history of early 19th century England have bee widely acclaimed.




"Rich, lively, and judicious" Sir Kenneth Dover, Byron Journal


"A distinguished specimen of gay history" - New York Review of Books

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    Imprint: Gay Men's Press

    Publication Date: 1998

    ISBN: 9780854492633

    Pages: 419

    Type: Paperback

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