Homosexuality Re-Examined, by D.J. West

Homosexuality Re-Examined, by D.J. West


The fourth revised edition, (retitled, and substantively updated from the first published in 1955 as "Homosexuality"). A secondhand book. With an invoice tipped in addressed to the Gay News, 28.11.1982. In original dust jacket, in good condition. From the inside cover: "Dr. West's classic review of the state of knowledge about homosexuality has been completely rewritten and brought up to date for this new book. Dr. West takes into account a wealth of recent publications, psychological, sociological and popular, concerning the influences which determine sexual orientation, the place of homosexuals in society, and the social problems they may encounter. The ethical and medical issues posed by persons wanting help to change their sexual habits are thoroughly discussed, and there is an extensive chapter on the neglected topic of homosexuality in women. There is also an account of the movement for 'Gay Liberation' and its effect upon law reform and civil rights isues. The author highlights the continuing gaps in our undertanding of human sexuality, and makes no attempt to conceal the changes in his own views that have come about from long experience and further study."

  • Details

    Imprint: Duckworth

    Publication Date: 1977, the Fourth Edition, retitled.

    ISBN: 0715609351

    Pages: 359

    Format: Hardback

    Type: Second hand

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