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Leather Daddies of the Black Lagoon, by Wolfe Hans

Leather Daddies of the Black Lagoon, by Wolfe Hans


Matt knew going to the bar would only lead to trouble, maybe that was what he was looking for. There are some places, some temptations that take root deep in a person's soul. There are things that become some closer, while causing others to run in fear. Matt's partner, Alex, is about to be pulled along into the depths of his lover's nightmarish desires. Matt's forbidden curiosity will expose dark monsters hiding just under the surface of San Francisco's streets. 


Solve the mystery of the leather bar, hold your breath with each steamy page of this erotic horror fantasy. Two lovers ensared in the hold of a mysterious leather bar and at the mercy of the strange, yet entrancing leather daddies that populate it.



  • Details

    Queer Creatures Publishing, 2019. ISBN 9781706718178. 157 pp. Paperback.

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