Real Men Ride Horses (GMP Classics) by Ken Shakin

Real Men Ride Horses (GMP Classics) by Ken Shakin


The Gay Men's Press bestseller from the nineties. Before Brokeback Mountain broke your heart, this story story collection told the sordid truth of the wild west, in history, reportage and plain gossip, journalism posing as fiction. Cowboys come clean, Indians tell all, and the author as voyeur writes down the stories. Ken Shakin wanders around the pink desert, where the heat is so thick not only the animals get naked, and an America is revealed, stripped to the waist.


Ken Shakin is the author of numerous books including Love Sucks (1997).


Please note the text font is on the compact side so if you struggle to read books printed in smaller font it's probably a good idea to give this one a swerve. 




"Set in the New Mexican desert, Shakin's book is a collection of startlingly vivid, often witty stories, many informed by a strong sense of the history of the area and the cultural differences of those who live there, as well as their sexual and gender variations." —, the Encylopedia of GLBTQ Culture

“Sexy and in-your-face with a vengeance, these stories dig through the entrails of life in a sensual desert.” —David Fernbach, founder of Gay Men’s Press


"Shakin's darkly humorous and perverse works have earned him an underground following, largely because he flaunts every standard of decency." - Contemporary Authors

  • Details

    Imprint: Gay Men's Press

    Publication Date: 8 June 1999

    ISBN: 9780854492855

    Pages: 148

    Format: Paperback

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