Surprise Book! (Hardback)

Surprise Book! (Hardback)


Want a mystery queer book? Fancy surprising yourself with a gift? Throw yourself into the intrigue of the unexpected. Let us use our bookselling smarts to pick a book for you!


Just leave us a note with any of the following information:

  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Genre
  • Desired representation (sexuality and/or gender)
  • A recent favourite read
  • Details

    The book we will send you will be a hardback title (or - if we really feel like it is the right choice for you - a higher priced paperback of the same monetary value) tailored to the information you leave about yourself and what you like reading either on this page or in the 'Add a Note' section at checkout. We'll make the selection guided by picking something we think you'll love, just as if we were recommending a book to you in-store. 

Notice to European Customers:

Please be aware as of 1st July 2021, 

customers will likely be required to pay local import VAT (tax) to the shipping agent/courier on or before delivery on all shipments entering the EU.

We understand if this prohibits future orders, and thank you for visiting our shop.

- Gay's The Word