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The Gay Mystique: The Myth and Reality of Male Homosexuality by Peter Fisher

The Gay Mystique: The Myth and Reality of Male Homosexuality by Peter Fisher


An early self-help support guide for gay men, first published in 1972.


Copy for inside the dust jacket:


'The Gay Mystique is an examination of the myths straight people  have about gay people - and the myths gay people have about themsleves. Too many books about homosexuality trade of myths - that gay people are sick, for example, or that they are more creative or more dangerous than straight people, or that they hate women, or wish to be women, or that they are untrustworthy, or that they are effeminate. Too often we are satisfied with these myths. Given this book, we don't have to be...


"Barriers of misunderstanding lead us to that other human beings differ from us in essential ways," Mr Fisher writes, "and these barriers can be removed only when people begin to talk to one another and know one another." The Gay Mystique is an important step in that direction.' 


Second-hand hardback copy (with dust jacket as pictured - actual photo of this copy). This book is almost 50 years old so the jacket shows signs of age but isn't torn, just gently worn in a few places. All in all this early classic is in remarkably good condtion for its age. 

  • Details

    Imprint: Stein & Day

    Publication Date: 1 February 1972

    ISBN: 9780812814316

    Pages: 285

    Format: Hardback

    Type: Second hand

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