Weird Sex, by Drew Thomas

Weird Sex, by Drew Thomas


A first edition in its dust jacket, in very good condition. From the inside cover: "LONDON 1992. After two years of travelling abroad, Michael has at long last found true contentment. When the time comes to return to London, he throws himself back into life and is determined not to let his new-found inner peace desert him. But strange forces are at play. Is the past returning to shatter his new lifestyle? 


Delving into the world of ten minute meals, celebrity doctors, sexual hang-upts and cosmetic make-overs that is daytime television, 'Family Values' is presented by newly weds Julia Daley and Tony Barkworth. Exploring the media and public perception of 'normal' human behaviour, they are halied as the new king and queen of mid morning television, but unwittingly expose the hypocrisy surrounding them.


A series of brutal gay murders jeopardises the emerging confidence of London's gay community, giving rise to fears that a particularly evil serial killer of two years earlier is on the loose again. How does a bizarre set of coincidences lead to daytime television's new reigning monarchy being drawing into the enquiries as the net tightens on the killer?


In his exciting debut novel, Drew Thomas uses the tragi-comic world of mid morning television to question the moral understanding of supposedly perverse sexual habits, while proving the multi-million pound industry that feeds them, in a tale of a quest for fulfilment."

  • Details

    Imprint: Hart & Sole Publishing

    Publication Date: 1997

    ISBN: 1900495015

    Pages: 254

    Format: Hardback

    Type: Second hand 

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